groggy and confused

I checked in on Herself this morning and as always, she asks to come live with me and promises to leave me ‘all her money’. This is like the 90th time I have had to tell her, my brother has all her money and I live in 3 rooms, so she’d have to sleep in the bath tub. Her sister with the 10 room house can’t find enough room for my mom’s clothes never mind her entire body. She really doesn’t want the surgery, but Himself makes her medical decisions and he doesn’t listen to anyone but the voices in his head. All I can do is sit and watch Rachel Ray and the View with her. No, I didn’t actually WATCH, it is daytime TV after all, I brought a fat book…always bring a book to the hospital, otherwise you find yourself reading the name plates on the very expensive machines that goes ping.

I told her I had to nip off to rotate the laundry and I would be back later…..her surgery is moved to 6pm….6 PM? what’s that all about? I suppose there is no winning on this..either you worry about it entire night before for a 7AM tee-off time (but they have pills for that) or you hang around all day watching bad tv waiting for the nip/tuck. I suppose this way ‘family’ members can pop in and out all day expressing best wishes. Personally I find that way more stressful. The last time they assembled only for the entire time she was sedated, but the moment she was wheeled into recovery, they vanished. I predict this evening to go the same, with virtuous relations sitting vigil, with no time for her groggy and confused, luckily I am fluent in groggy and confused.

At some point today I have to ship backorders. Most of my vendors for book repair and cleaning products have raised their prices, almost all unexpectedly. So it takes longer for me to scrape up enough to buy the same amount of stock albiet at higher prices. Can’t blame them, like everyone else in this economy (we say that like there is ANOTHER alternate reality economy out there) we are all treading water. Continually rising shipping fees and material costs while the products we sell devaluate. I can feel the water lap my nose. Meethinks it’s these little pirahna’s nibbling at away our extremeties that will probably do us in.

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