grrrrls nite out.

Four cat rescuers from 4 different groups were headed out for last night for booze and sushi..well i was going for sushi pizza the booze was incidental…and after a few rounds of both and swapping all our fresh ‘animal-rescue-don’t-humans-suck’ stories. right when we are deciding to keep on drinking or pay the tab…the karaoke was starting so we were already leaning towards calling it a the pathetic time of 8:30. Then one of us gets a phone call from a guy she did a good deed for a some previous date.. long story short there’s a possibly pregnant pittbull tied to a pole in a park; none of those were piece of information have an upside. Imagine if you will convoy of 3 vehicles winding through the get the idea. So, There was still hope the evening could involve sirens and bail money.

We found a small crowd of people hugging this dog to death. Witness accounts have her running lose around a playground for the better part of a week until someone tied her up, probably in hopes that she would be claimed. However In my experience witnesses statements suck. She was too well fed to be out for long and too sweet and spoiled to be mistreated and was presently NOT preggers. Her teats are prominent because someone’s probably been using her to make puppies to sell. But she did have a collar 2 sizes too small, not tags and when we ‘borrowed’ the clinic’s scanning wand she turned out to be chipless.

Fast Forward to this morning, now 70lb pound blue nose pitbull ‘Laurel’ (from Laurel St) is now laying on the floor of my kitchen in front of a box fan. She’s convinced she is a lap dog and that my bed is just the right size for her. The cats aren’t remotely interesting unless they run away and my dog originally excited to have a sleep over pal, is now pouting atop a pile of dog biscuits.

We sent her particulars into the ACO and IF her owner wants her back, she sure as hell will be spayed and vaccinated before hand. But the fact that he let what amounts to a velvet covered bulldozer run free without a rabies tag through a children’s playground works against him.

I have messages out to the Pit Rescue groups for a proper foster home but I will keep her at least until we can get in there and snip the ovaries. stay tuned.

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