Guess post – Black Sheep Books

Every time I read this I giggle and shudder:

In from: Charles Hack @ Black Sheep Books, Jacksonville, FL

Caller: Do you sell both new and used books?

Me: Yes we do.

Caller: Can you handle large bulk orders?

Me: Yes, we can special order new titles in bulk, but not used books. Those we usually have to handle on an individual basis. Are you interested in a number of copies of the same title, or lots of different titles?

Caller: No, I’m looking for books to resell on Amazon.

Me: (Biting back a lot of possible comments here) You realize that we sell most of our used paperbacks at half the cover price, and most of the books sell on Amazon way below that?

Caller: I’m just looking for books I could sell for more than that. I could send you a list of the books I could use and the prices I’d be willing to pay.

Me: You know, if a book is going for more than half the cover price on line, I would probably try to sell it myself. I don’t think you’ve thought through your business model.

Caller: Well, I could send you a list

Me: Sure, go ahead and send the list

I’m predicting this gentleman will have a bright future in bookselling. I’ll be curious to see the list. Why didn’t I think of this business model myself? I could just provide a list of good books and the bargain prices I’d be willing to pay for them and take the hassle of selling them from the bookstore. No overhead, no buying slow moving merchandise. Maybe I could even make a deal with the bookstore to return any books that didn’t sell within a certain period of time for the full cash value.

I’d be rich! Better yet, I’ll write a book about this No-Fail method of earning Mega-Bucks selling books on line by letting everyone else do the work. Too bad the book listing sites have already got the formula down pat.


Black Sheep Books

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