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One of my favorite ways to take a break from editing Fine Books & Collections magazine or from writing our Fine Books blog, is to watch homemade videos on the Internet.

Surprisingly, there are almost no videos by or about book collectors online. That’s not crazy talk, it is surprising. Used and antiquarian booksellers and collectors took to the Internet early. Booksellers have been far ahead of any other class of small retailers. Walk down any street that (still) has a used bookstore, and the dusty antiquarian will be more computerized and more Internet-savvy than any other shop.

Since then, though, we (book collectors and booksellers as a group) haven’t done much more online than buy and sell books. Comic book, stamp, and coin collectors don’t have anything like Abebooks, Alibris,, or TomFolio. Yet book collectors don’t enjoy sites comparable to the Lambiek comic artist encyclopedia, Stamp2 and, or the American Numismatic Association.

That’s too bad, because it doesn’t leave me many book videos to watch online.

Probably the best amateur book-related video I’ve found is a scene in a library (“Nobody sings in a library…”) by a theater troupe called Prangstgrüp (Pranks Group), which performs impromptu plays in inappropriate settings. Prangstgrüp’s performances in a classroom are also pretty good.

There is an almost funny parody (it’s tagged as a mockumentary) of collectors called Rock Collecting (“You’ll find rocks in tire treads that you won’t find anywhere else.”)

If you know of any other good collecting or book videos, send them my way.

Scott Brown

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