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Odds Bindings

I have recently begun accumulating books in odd bindings. It started innocently enough when I picked up a ‘paperback’ romance with a lenticular cover… you know those plastic covers that allow you to see two different scenes depending on the angle you hold the book at?

I’d seen a few kid’s books with tiny ‘3d’ lenticular panels on the front, but never an entire binding made of the material so I was intrigued.

Then I was in a shop and saw a limited edition hunting book THE COMPLETE BOOK OF HUNTING bound in a rough red and black wool plaid obviously meant to imitate a vintage hunting jacket.

Next I found a few yearbooks from the ‘Conquistadores del Cielo’ – one bound in a slipcase of cowhide with the hair still on, and another bound in aluminum with a brushed image of cowboys on the front cover and a leather belt around the whole thing.

After that I found a book called ‘pl8spk’ that is a collection of poems made up entirely from text taken from license plates—bound in metal about the size and shape of – – yep, a license plate.

Of course I had to add the children’s shape book in the shape of an anteater to the lot, then came your standard ‘mock medieval’ arts and crafts leather binding on a Italian Journeys by William Dean Howells.

Followed by a publisher’s cloth binding with a lovely moose on the front cover in gilt.

I guess I’m teaching myself to judge a book by its cover, but my taste isn’t all that good….

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