guest post – Judith Murphy: on paper degradation

Judith Murphy, Conservator for Special Collections, Center for Southwest Research, Albuquerque, New Mexico came up with this really cool list of descriptive terms for paper degradation and damage and will let me share it with ya’ll under the condition that we forward any additions, corrections and/or comments to her. { jamurphy [at] unm dot edu }

From: Judith Murphy
Subject: Paper degradation terminology:

Descriptive Terms for Paper Degradation and Damage

Abrasion • worn away by friction, scraped or scuffed
Accretion • substances accumulated on the surface
Aging • natural or chemically assisted changing with time, oxidating
Breakage • disruption of surface by force or as result of age and fragility
Cockled • wrinkled or puckered, usually as a result of high humidity or water damage
Corrosion • gradual destruction by chemical action
Crease • bent or folded over and pressed or crushed
Delamination • separation into thin layers, peeling away
Dirty • marked by or covered in dirt or pollution
Discoloration • change in the original or desired color: fading, darkening, yellowing
Distortion • bending, twisting, stretching, or forcing out of normal shape
Dusty • covered with or containing dust
Embrittlement • becoming brittle or fragile, usually as a result of aging or oxidation
Fading • losing color or brightness gradually
Fold • bend or crease with resulting damage to the fibers
Foxing • random reddish or brown staining of fibers, perhaps due to mineral deposits from water used in manufacture or organisms • which feed on those minerals
Insect damage • losses, accretions, flakes, or stains due to activity of insects
Losses • also called lacunae: holes or missing edges
Mat burn • discoloration of edges that have been in contact with acidic mats
Mold • fungus that causes organic matter to decay
Pulpy • soft or spongy condition due to manufacturing process and/or aging
Puncture • hole produced by sharp object such as a staple or pin
Scorched • discoloration of the surface caused by heat
Soiled • covered by material which may become embedded in the fibers
Splitting • separating along a fold, or delaminating
Staining • chemical discoloration of fibers, can be result of foxing, adhesive residue, tape, mold, or mat burn
Tear • ripped or pulled apart, usually with stretched, ragged edges
Tideline • stain from the accumulation of chemicals at the edge of a liquid spot
Warp • a twist or distortion out of shape

hmm don’t see my favorite word “biopredation” there….gotta add that one.

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