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Having looked today at a good number books described as absolutely new, mint and “very fine”, I wanted to suggest some other terms for those whose books rise even above the many, but pedestrian, mint and very fine copies of books and djs out there. Abbreviations also provided:

  • Finetastic (FT)
  • Very Finetastic (VFT)
  • Finetabulous (FB)
  • Very Finetabulous (VFB)
  • Very Mint (VM)
  • Newriffic (NW)
  • Aristotelian (but only use if it really fits) (A)
  • Very Aristotelian (VA)
  • Archival (AR)
  • Very Archival (VAR)
  • “A near Igneous example of this edition” (IE)
  • Swaddling (S)
  • Very Swaddling (VS)
  • Uterian (U)
  • Very Uterian (VU)
  • Virginal (VR)
  • Very Virginal (VVR)
  • “monastic in its absolute limited editionness of 2000 copies” (MALE)

Please offer others. It is crucial that the trade apply a proper and meaningful vocabulary to our books.
Gene @
Motte & Bailey Booksellers

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