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Hello everyone,

On our way from Connecticut to Massachusetts yesterday we stopped at Traveler Food and Books just off Route 84 in CT near the Massachusetts border. It’s hard to miss from the huge sign that can be seen from Route 84. The building itself has a bright yellow roof and Bud Light signs in the windows. There’s an enormous moose sculpture outside. A fun place with signed photos of writers on the walls and book shelves filled with books upstairs and downstairs.

They have gift items too. The staff is friendly. This would be sort of the opposite of a shop that charges for browsing. Here browsing and even many of the books are free. You get to choose from a selection of free books to take home after your meal. You can read with your meal too, if you want. What they charge for is the modestly priced food and the beer. A novel approach to the distribution of used books. It’s satisfying to know a place like this exists. In the middle of the afternoon it was moderately busy with eaters and browsers.

The sweet potato fries are very good. We were in a big hurry and didn’t have much time to browse, but will mark this for another visit at a more leisurely pace. We might even have to stop in for the sweet potato fries every time we go by on Route 84.

Sally Spooner

PS The latest Fine Books and Collections is another enjoyable edition. It’s hard to imagine a magazine with articles on an exhibit of the history of the Bible, comic books and Harry Stephen Keeler all in the same issue. It’s about as varied as you can get. All those articles and the rest are very readable and just about as approachable as Traveler Food and Books.

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