guest post – The start of a perfect day

I start every day with two cups of coffee (home-made Cuban espresso)
on a bench on the boardwalk overlooking the ocean right in front of
the house. Thus every day starts well but today was very special.

The sky and water were both just turning from cotton candy pink to
baby blue. The sand was perfectly clean and smooth, I assume from
last nights very high tide (full moon, no?). There wasn’t a beer
bottle or a piece of plastic in sight, very exceptional for the only
beach for 2 million people. The sand looked as if it had been swept
by a Zen gardener.

Below me on the beach two very lovely young women were walking, one
head to toe in a pink sweatsuit, the other in black. One lone
cormorant flew overhead, followed by a flock of 12 pelicans just over
the wave tops. 20 yards out to sea 5 dolphins were moving north, I
assume to feed just off the mouth of the Tijuana river. There were 8
snipe poking at the sand. One white & grey herring gull flew in, the
kind with the little spot of red on its bill.

I’ve finished my 2nd cup now and just had to share this before I
started packing the only order of books for the past week. I usually
go to the other side to mail orders once a week, mostly on Wednesday.
(Wednesday is also the day with most flea markets in San Diego so
I’ll do a bit of book scouting as well.)

This was a good order, about $400, but it used to be I would be in a
state of absolute panic if I only had one order in a week and if I
had only about $200 profit to show for the week. It is hard to feel
any panic here though, and besides $200 a week really is plenty to
live on. (Now that we have been here one full year last Thursday, I
can say with some confidence that our basic living expenses are about
$150 a week.)

Now to pack a box of books and then to wait in line to get across the
border to the post office, but even the 2 hour wait in the customs
line won’t be so frustrating with visions of pelicans, the gull, the
dolphins, the cormorant, the young women, the clean sand and sea, &
the dawn still in my head. (The cd player helps too.)

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