guest post – weasels

in from RB at Coelacanth Books:

I hunted down a book that I would like a HC/DJ copy of – it’s a sci-fi book from 40 years ago so these aren’t too common, and most copies are rather expensive. I didn’t need a great copy, I just like to read & own these books as they were originally printed. Lucked across one that was within my price range, though in rough shape: it was ex-lib, with a page cut out and slanted (but a decent DJ). Emailed the dealer to make sure it wasn’t a text page missing, as listing was vague on this point.

He had no idea where the book was, took him a week to find it. No, it wasn’t a text page. Great, told him I’d buy it and he pointed me back to ABE (my only option to purchase from him). But of course, now that he’d found the book (which had been online for who knows how long) he must have felt it incumbent upon himself to make sure his listing was up to date, i.e., that he was squeezing every last penny to be had from it – so he doubled the price before I could buy it.

Apparently my wanting this book, which he’d had no luck selling thus far, was enough to make it worth a lot more. Ooh, someone wants this dog, let’s double the price!

No telling me of course that he had doubled it, and apparently he thinks my memory is so short that I can’t remember what it was priced at a week ago. Nice doing business with you – not, indeed, not ever now.

Now see, if this had happened to me, I’d have outed the dealer, inserted a few obscenities and probably have cut his heart out and eaten it. Thus the world is still filled with weasels.

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