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1424360_10152529413330312_5963754989184210610_n 10298672_10152529413280312_5287278400777588710_nI took the day off and drove up to the wolf rescue place for holiday dinner….things are extremely casual come as you are there – I think I went up and came back in the same pair of sweatpants.  180 degrees away from my mother’s formal everything must be just right affairs, in fact we almost had dinner from the quickie mart until we pooled our pocket money. But really who gives a shit?  Holidays are about relaxing right? yeah well i slept practically the entire time i was there, i admit I was a pretty useless dinner guest, I don’t know why i couldn’t keep my eyes open. Perhaps because i was pretty far away from this machine and couldn’t work even if i wanted to? or perhaps i have just developed narcolepsy.

The rescue folks will be taking a couple of my cats into their feral colony next month, and i will be making a pretty sizable donation.. which i was gonna make anyway, i consider it guilt money…and i consider if money well spent – i wish i had more cats that prefer that kind of life, but the remaining members of the troop are all sedentary snoozy type that don’t want anything to do with outdoors….maybe i caught the narcolepsy from the cats?

Long drives like that help me work out shit in my head… and from what I read on Facebook, I am not the only one.  I had been trying to solve a problem of interium living situation – if i should have to crowbar myself out of this spider hole.  I was dreading having to convince someone to rent me a house even offering them a ridiculously high security deposit… and then i would have to buy furniture for THAT house until i get the house I want.  it was all just a gooey muddle.  But after throwing a handful of it on the wall something finally stuck.  I don’t NEED to actually rent a house…i only need to rent the equivelent amount of space, like a workshop……which they wouldn’t mind me sleeping in – but then it’s Maine.

pat-catcage1Renting a 500 sq ft workshop space with office, kitchenette and shower is about half the cost of a small house, and would suit me a LOT better. More than half the crap i have to move are shipping supplies, boxes of books, boxes of products, industrial shelving, work tables and computer equipment and so forth….there rest is made up of personal effects, kitchen equipment and  outdoor stuff, like gardening equipment, and only 1 bike..I have managed to sell the rest, and a couple of very small boats.  I can actually count the number of furniture items on one hand.  2 small tables, 2 kitchen chairs and that small dresser. The end. and then comes the cats and the chihuahua….but i WILL HAVE MONEY…and as money usually does, it will solve the problem.

Secure animal enclosures cost a pretty penny, that’s why people usually try and fail to make their own – leading to a lot of escapes.   An enclosure like the one above costs about thousand dollars, it is made of panels that can be broken down, moved and reassembled, it can be reduced or enlarged etc etc… again more guilt money, but again well spent.  In fact, I will buy what i need to assemble it as soon as I can, and put it on the porch i have now, so i won’t have to repair the screen porch on a house that I no longer own.   I can park a love seat in there for them to sleep on and destroy,  and i won’t have to worry about them escaping or getting into my stuff.  They also won’t be taking liberties with any space I will be renting  residential or non residential…so it actually puts renting a house back on the board. I can assemble it inside a room and build a wooden frame with wheels for it to sit on. And sooner or later I won’t need it… and then i can donate it.  Guilt money… it will be great to have some of that to spread around.

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