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Somewhere in one of my tweets or posts i accidentally made a new year’s resolution – usually i don’t. i don’t like putting too much pressure on an artificial start of some life change.  basically i start a resolution whenever i decided to, regardless of proximity to the beginning of the year.   What it amounts to is a goal..by this time next year i want to own half as much as i do now. half the number of books, dvds, dishes…half as much crap in the cupboards and in drawers.  Initially it was an off handed remark, but as the day went on, I became more comfortable with the idea.   It was what i had done with the clothes in my closet, basically i removed about half and if i happen to buy something i get rid of an equivalent. Over the last few years the amount of material hanging i in the closet has remained stable, and an adequate amount. I need to transfer that to the rest of the crap in my house.  This is leading up to another confession…or rationalization for something i bought this morning.

While my mother was still alive and i had started divesting of crap, i broke up all the items i owned stored outside of my apartment…from the basement, the garage and the barn etc..and brought what i cared about into the apartment. This includes all my personal tools and toolboxes. In my opinion I give a great deal of ‘house room’ to what most people store in their garage or other place. It’s because i live in the nebulous zone of having an apartment yet still all the problems of a homeowner. I am loathe to moving it back in the basement…we have started having thefts and i don’t want to have to take a 20 minute trip to go out and down to find a screw…my rationalization is that i just need to cut back to anything i have used or needed in the last few years. Things i have been carrying around for decades and not used, isn’t likely to get used, freeing it up for disposal.

In my effort to HALVE things I realized the fastener container i have been dragging around is the biggest suitcase like divided case that Craftsman had on sale when i bought it 12 years ago. Thousands of bits and pieces occupying space in my apartment without permission. When I spied this Plano case in the fishing Lure aisle at Walmart…(don’t ask) i had to have it. I actually walked away got the cat food i had come for and yet was ‘lured’ back to that aisle. And again I stood there staring at it for 15 minutes while i ran through all the thoughts in my tiny head until had more lined up on the BUY side of the level than the PASS side of the level. Once the scale had tipped, I bought it.

It only took about the length of two discs of a Christopher Moore Audiobook to finish sorting into the smaller container, throwing away anything i couldn’t identify or that didn’t immediately have a use. I still ended up with a ridonkulous number of screws and bolts. Obviously when you need one or two and buy a package of a dozen or so, they are going to accumulate somewhere.

I don’t think i threw away half the volume or weight, but the new container definitely takes up half the space of the previous container. (HINT FOR SORTING THOSE COFFEE CANS FULL OF SCREWS I RECOMMEND MUFFIN TINS) This is my first conscious step in my Half is more project. And thus i felt better about spending the money on the divided container. I also rationalized the expense because after I bought it, i did NOT buy the bottle of Marshmallow flavored vodka that i had decided to toast the new year with.

I don’t drive on New Year’s Eve…i stay home.. for the last 20 plus years…i pick a project and then spend the evening WORKING on it. Usually some sort of cleaning or repairing project….don’t they say start as you want to continue? In the end i wake up in the morning with some sort of weight off my back, and at the very least the laundry and dishes are completed.

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