How DOES one go about cutting their crap in half? I have no idea…I have really no PLAN yet, every shelf, box or item in the place has to be disposed of differently. Since I had to break up my ersatz grandmother’s household and my mother’s household I have already been personally divesting as I go. Which means examining my purchases before they come in the house, asking myself “would I pack it if i were moving tomorrow?”

To get back on point….I guestimate all my personal effects clothes toiletries etc would fit in a couple of steamer trucks by now…it’s all my OTHER Stuff that i find overwhelming…cupboards full of unfinished projects, I am especially partial to keeping things to fix or improve other things.. Each item has to be considered individually…does it have any value? can i sell it? ebay or craigslist? if i can’t sell it easily…can i give it away? to a friend? to freecycle? if it has no value? why do i have it? will i ever need it for anything? no? DUMPSTER.

BTW i was cruising around the net I found an interesting website where you can actually MAKE a free flowchart for your website… slickplan.com I will see what i can make using it and get back to you on it.

Good thing i HAVE a dumpster…and accounts at ebay, craigslist, biblio.com, amazon, some freecycle memberships. i HAVE all the resources i need to divest i just need to get ON WITH IT.

Pound for pound I have moved more out of the house than i have brought in lately. Rules are that if it goes through the front door it can’t come back in. If they are for sale, then from the porch they go into the basement to be photographed and packed for shipping.

Another valuable asset to getting rid of things you actually care about are a circle of friends. The wooden decorative items in the picture are going to a friend who decorates with native american and natural themes… So far everyone i see in the real world understands my 50 percent goal…and i always ask before i dump shit on them…and they understand that they are free to give or throw said items away – i am not going to be one of those people who says ‘what ever happened to that blankety blank i gave you?’ my mother used to do that. once it’s out of the house it’s outa site out of MY mind.

I doubt that the visitation counter in the sidebar is accurate…i don’t think more than three people are reading this right now and for god knows what reason. I am sure you don’t really give a shit what i am chucking out of my house. But I am thinking of using the TUMBLR microblog attached to this one…(see the tab at the top) to track the crap I am dumping. Narcissistic I know but I am looking for motivational tools to help me get to my goal. What do you think? anyone have an opinion? any ideas?

My next two ‘goals’ are to condense two large cumbersome areas of crap into smaller containers. For instance I have a metal file cabinet drawer full of spare endpapers for repairing old books, my plan is to condense them into one of these fiberboard boxes.. I wish they weren’t 20 bucks apiece… but then it will occupy one quarter of the space of the file drawer…Then the drawer goes away. Yay.

Next I need to buy one of those wheeled sewing machine trolleys to stick all my sewing crap into…but those things start at $50 bucks each..ouch..i really have to work up to that one. I read a couple of blog posts the other day about NOT buying the container until AFTER You have organized the material..which makes perfect sense. assemble to crap and then find a crap sized container. scuse me…i have to go clean something now…

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