halloween in newburyport

halloween in newburyport
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The weather has changed here…time to put away the bicycles and barricade one self inside where the cold and flu season can’t find you. Time to make time to sit with a glass of port and start processing all those summer acquisitions piled under the desk.

Strange how far behind I can get when the computer is in the shop. I spent 6 days without the PC and it took me more than 9 days to catch up. I finally think i have all the orders processed and packages mailed, however i keep finding things that fell through the cracks. missing emails, items that should have been printed and weren’t, tracking numbers not attached to the orders. If i were a big outfit I’d have some super nifty deluxe online version of quickbooks and other software, that would negate having my life tied to one PC.

I should be grateful it wasn’t worse, though i did line up another repair shop in case my tech of 15 years decides to get a real job, I can’t blame him, i think about that too.

On the bright side, Himself managed to rent out my mother’s apartment…hee hee…to tenants I lined up and sent around through an alternate reference. Tenants who have no interest in renting the garage or barn or any other spaces that are technically MINE.

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