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events •
1756 – Giacomo Casanova, in prison on charges of being a magician, makes a spectacular escape & makes his way to Paris, where he introduces the lottery in 1757 & makes a name for himself among the aristocracy.
1892 – Arthur Conan Doyle publishes The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
1905 –The producer & players of Bernard Shaw’s play, Mrs. Warren’s Profession are arrested, NY.
1913 – Historians Will and Ariel Durant 27 and 15 are married in New York’s City Hall.
1917 – Eugene O’Neill 1-act play In the Zone premiers, NY.
1921 – Beginning date of the Poundian calendar, designed by poet Ezra Pound
1921 – James Joyce writes the last words of his novel Ulysses.
1922 – Karl Capek play The World We Live In opens in NY.
1947 – Bertolt Brecht, having fled Nazi Germany years ago, now flees the US during the American witchhunts.
1958 –Writer Boris Pasternak is expelled from the Soviet Union.

birthdays •
1724 – Christopher Anstey (d. 1805) English writer and poet.
1795 – John Keats, (d 1821) renowned British lyric poet, is born in a stable his father managed in Finsbury Pavement.
1920 – Dick Francis is born, Wales. Mystery novelist – Queen’s jockey

back again . . . . My Ma is up and talking, well no . . . technically she is actually sleeping now. But I have been up with her since about 7 am so my day is getting a really really slow start. I’m am curled up with my laptop, a nice Mexican horror movie and a nice bottle of port (from Australia no less, who knew?)

idiot video alert • Some Arkansans who apparently have their head up their ass, want to have Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 banned from their schools curriculum. I guess they read the words in the book, but just didn’t understand them.

banktoaster • the new issue of Artists Book News is available for downloading as a PDF.

suits off the rack • The French publishers union, Le Syndicat National de l’Edition (SNE), has joined book publisher Le Martiniere Groupe in its copyright suit against Google.

cookies • Japanese author Haruki Murakami was in Prague to receive the prestigious Franz Kafka Prize.

something new • Robert Fagles new translation of Virgil’s the Aeneid to hit shelves tomorrow.

diy • Arizona Republic’s Barbara Yost gives step by step instructions on how to produce a customer on-off gift cookbook using Kodak’s Kodakgallery.com

something else new • John Updike reviews Norton’s Annotated Uncle Tom’s Cabin in the New Yorker.

worth reading • Ira Joel Haber has posted a good post

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