hands are handy

. . . well that explains a lot, I have been thinking the morning numbness in the hands was from bad sleeping positions. I guess it’s all tied together – who knew there were blogging related injuries? washing dishes in hot water seemed to help, I also sat on my ass today and read part of a book that came in the mail, I am having hard time remembering the last time I finished a book. Stella Benson’s Living Alone, (1919) one of the titles Paul Collins mentioned on NPR last week when he talked about Halloween tales. I am a bit pathological, if I want a copy of something, I don’t stop looking until I find it. Unfortunately I tend to be swayed by hearing about books on NPR and I am sure a whole bunch of other listeners ran right to their PCs and bought copies. So, by the time I looked for it, there was naught but ridiculously overpriced print on demand copies – pray tell me who is dumb enough to pay 80 bucks for a POD of a text which is freaking FREE on Project Gutenberg and elsewhere on the internet. (I mean how come I don’t get gullible customers like that? ) Hell, I was only stupid enough to spend XX on a nice reprint from the 30s. And of course I could only really afford to spend X dollars, but my rationalization was that I could sell it for XXX dollars when I was finished….but we all know that’s not really likely as it’s occupying space on top of a stack of other unfinished books I hunted up this year. And if I DO read all the way to the end, it will mean I LIKED it and then why would I sell it off, when it’s too hard to find in the 1st place?

I’m reading and drinking Arrogant Bastard Ale, basically I bought it because of the label, it’s rude and demeaning – who knew you could get that in a foodstuff? I got some backpay from the animal rescue group and I went wild and crazy grocery shopping, I bought meat, cheeses and other frivolous things. Sometimes I rescue animals, sometimes I eat em.

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