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23linden i had sworn off trolling Zillow once the house i really liked went off the market, i told myself not to look too hard until i got closer to THE TIME.   But i have nothing better to do, so i took a closer look at one that i could settle for, if i had to buy one today.

23 Linden Ave. It has all the things on my list – garage, porch, extra bedroom, an easy to remove heating system, a kitchen with windows… and a bit of a backyard, for the chickens and a garden.
porch It’s still more than i want to pay for it…what house wouldn’t be?…. because the bathroom is just well..it’s ICKY, and the basement needs finishing and all the rooms need rehabbing and the paneling is gross and needs painting and the fireplace…i don’t want a fireplace…if you don’t use them for fires they just funnel all your heat to the outside.  My brain is just ticking off all the things that need doing and it’s a little bigger than i actually wanted, but that means more roof for more solar panels.

I don’t want to fall in love with it, though i have little else to do right now. (i left another message for lawyer 9, lawyer 7 sent me a bill for the nothing that he did and i sent an email to lawyer #10 who is the 1st one without a penis…though i can attest the rest had no balls.)


My two voices are happily building and decorating their little hearts away….the garage will have a bike repair stand and i will put a workbench and tools safely in basement and build all the bookshelves for the spare bedrooms. The bathroom I will just take a sledgehammer to. I designed a fence from recycled pallet wood, and a chicken coop against the side of the garage with racoon proof fencing. It looks like the porch screens are missing,I will paint it and put in a cat door, so they can sit in the windows and creep out the neighbors.

I like how its at the front of the property so it has a nice big yard..i will get a real dog…a chihuahua just can’t fetch a tennis ball like a pittbull, you know?  I’m don’t have my heart attached to it, it will probably sell way before i am ready to make an offer, i’m just keeping the fires of hope lit that there will be similar houses in the future…and when they pop up, i will pretend to decorate them too.

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