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After the Board of Trade thingy the other night I ended up with a buddy of mine in yet another social club trolling for a bartender spot. I think if i pester them enough i can get an unpaid ‘internship’ (my word for it) which is probably all I’m likely to get right now. You know exactly what will happen…when orders pickup and the census puts me back on the payroll only THEN will i find my happy place and then i will be overextended and miserable. Right now I am overextended and miserable but dancing dangerously close to the edge of the cliff for my liking. Every day I process the 1 or 2 orders I get, then figure out which product I can afford to restock because I am ALWAYS out of something, usual more than one somethings. Sans a steady stream of orders, it’s impossible to keep every item in stock all at once…..ball juggling is more than a metaphor it’s a way of life.

BTW I finally got around to watching Meryl’s truly remarkable homage to Julia Child. I know I am late to the party…but i rarely go to the theater to see movies, I prefer to watch them at home where the only person talking is me and any floor food will be snuffled up by the dog. I love my dvd player, no truly, i would die without it. It’s my substitute for a real social life. Regardless, I only half paid attention to the contemporary segments of Julie & Julia, not that i don’t find Amy Adams charming but i found the original book/blog less so. All it made me do was rearead Julia’s original words, My Life in France is one of my favorite of her books. If i want to read about a depressed and hungry blogger, I can go back and read my own whining. Not that I am jealous at all, but fearful…if a movie were made of my blog, no perky actress for me, I would be portrayed by a shopping cart lady with blackened teeth wearing the two overcoats and fingerless gloves. I do recommend the movie but I will advise that you chain the cabinet doors, because you will no doubt end up cooking something; food porn is terribly provocative.

Instead of being more catty re: the original blog material, I can simply chime in with most foodies in MY age bracket and say that Julia also taught me how to cook. While most children where taking in Mr Rogers sweater fetish, I was watching Julia and Graham Kerr mince shallots and uncork wine. Granted I didn’t get a chance to practice anything I ever saw on tv, my mother being the typical 1960s back of the box cook. Julia and Graham, taught me to when in doubt start working on a mirepoix and always end with something poofy and sweet. Damn . . . now I need to cook something…something with eggs, eggs are cheap protein …something from Julia perhaps? Here’s Eggs 3 Ways from Julia Child via Savory TV.


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