Happy Solstice

They say the days will be longer from this point on…and they aren’t kidding, both physically and philosophically. Folks here in New England haven’t seen the sun for two days, and doubtless won’t see it again until some time Tuesday.

Just about every group of humans has a midwinter festival, whether it revolves around religious iconography or an historical event. I like to think having a party in the deepest darkest days of winter is a way of blowing off steam, so that people living in close quarters brought on by the weather, didn’t start whacking each other on the head with Yule logs.

These days we reenact this part of the celebration, when we gather with our family members for a day of feasting and fighting. Then go home bloated and tired, thankful that we are no longer cooped up with these radiantly stupid ingrates for the entire winter.

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