head on a stick

So I been in this prolific cycle….couldn’t ya guess? i got like 40 projects half done and keep taking on more. i seriously need my head examined. and anyway one of my fans from way back asked me if i was gonna resurrect an old project …..which i wasn’t interested in…but the more i pushed it to the back of my head…the more the fracking thing crept into my mind. I can see it plain as day. and I wish i couldn’t. I haev spent the last 20+ years of my investing 200% of my time and energy not to mention heaps of money into projects that in then end fall apart. I mean they were all GOOD ideas….and i stuck to them a lot longer than i should have. How many times can someone pick themselves off the mat? If i had a nickle for every business plan i put together…i wouldnt’ need to worry. I just don’t understand what the universe want’s out of me. I dont’ want much..i dont’ want to be rich, hell i don’t even want to find a significant or insignificant other. I just want to earn enough money so that i don’t have to worry about utility bills. And i’d like to NOT have to look for work every 2 fucking years? Is that too much to ask?

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