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• Weekend Edition has Christopher Buckley talking about the moviefication of his prescient and fall down funny 1994 novel Thank You for Smoking.

Historian Richard Rhodes guests on Studio 360 to talk about nuclear weapons and the nuclear age. There is also a lovely exchange about how Dr. Strangelove really isn’t all that strange.

WPLN’s Fineprint has a lovely interview with the authors of Carved in Bone a forensic thriller based on the University of Tennessee’s Anthropology Research facility known as “The Body Farm”. yes i’m a ghoul.

NPR – Flashback
Poet John Ciardi had a program called On Words that ran from 1979-1986, sort of like an etymological Alistair Cooke, his voice has that sonorous Edward R Murrow timbre, definitely eminating from a previous age. These shows are now available online or as podcasts and are well worth the listen.
Strangely I find only Daniel Shore’s voice still stirs those forgotten embers.

match book – Here’s a fascinating flash site on the history of book burning from the United States Holocasut Memorial Musem.

coolethterrific Shakespeare site (Flash required) describes how Will’s words may not be his and his alone.

obit worth readingMarch 6th 1888 Louisa May Alcott, DYK ? the New York Times has their obit morgue available online.

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