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true confession i love podcasts, not just the kind that are recorded specifically FOR internet broadcast but downloads from the radio that i want to listen to but i don’t have time to catch ‘live’. Used to be I would just make a point of calling up NPR’s home page and poking around for shows to hear while I am working. But then I discovered RSS feeds for podcasts and from then on, I’d pull up the most recent and run it.

Lately I have been letting my phone-that-is-smarter-than-me keep track of all that nonsense. Podcaster’s iphone app is a nicely little all around flexible intuitive app that even dopes like Me can figure out. What I like about it is that it will download the most recent of a selection of Feeds and then play them straight through in order of freshness. Which is exactly what i am looking for. Like all apps, there are probably 50 that do the same thing, but make more demands from you to get it done. I like the set it and forget it mode. Most of the podcasts I listen to are supposed to be funny or think they are funny, and all of them are geeky – a few: Nerdist, NPR Science Friday, Wait wait don’t tell me, This American LIfe, Living on Earth, The tobolowsky Files, The bugle, Film Photography Podcast.

I went through about 5 pairs of ear buds or ear phones whatever they are..the concept is good and clever but the comfort level is problematic. It depends on your ear anatomy. Since I have no one to worry about bothering I found the ideal convenient accessory for my phone or any playing device really. Altec Lansing iM227 Orbit MP3 Speaker I carry this thing around nearly always…sometimes in my backpocket though it’s way to big to do that outside the house. But if i am scooping litter, painting a wall, cooking etc…i park the two items on a flat surface and let her rip. The sound isn’t THAT loud that it can be heard outside of the room that you are in, but it is loud enough to keep you company.

Meanwhile I finally learned how to Import Audio CD audiobooks into iTunes and from then onto my phone. I don’t find itunes intuitive…i find it a royal pain the patooty so once i learn how to get it to do what i want, i avoid it until i need it again. But you need it to stitch CD’s tracks together to play seamlessly. I’d hate to rip 30 discs onto the PC as yet, (though i have my eye on a 2 Terrabyte hard drive for just such an occassion) I have so far dumped some of my favorite audiobooks onto the PC for easy drag and drop listening. Fall means Zelazny’s Night in the Lonesome October and Gaiman’s Graveyard Book will both get a turn on the iphone speaker set up. Hey..some folks watch movies and listen to albums over and over..why can’t i relisten to audiobooks over and over. I DO pace myself – once a year is a convenient schedule.

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