Hearing voices

Greetings from Methuen
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My tiny hike this AM was a Pavlovian response to my annual Bill Bryson marathon. At least once a year, I pop Bryon’s a Walk in the Woods into the CD player. Though I listen to Bryon’s entire oeuvre throughout the year, this particular book tends to remind me what a lazy bugger I really am and I end up dusting off my boots.

Some of my favorite books aren’t really books at all, they are recordings. Bryson isn’t as much an author as a raconteur, his works go over so much better when heard aloud. As do all the works by authors who have made their bones on NPR:David Sedaris, Sarah Vowell, David Rackoff, Bailey White, Tom Bodett. Since my audial memory isn’t as good as my visual, I can listen to their stories every year or so, and while still moderately familiar I find it as entertaining as the first time around. I have worn out several copies of Walk in the Woods on CD but have never owned it in print.

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