heavy handed

I’m supposed to be wearing these buggers at night. Apparently they keep your hands from rolling up into a ball, so you can type during the day without pain. Which is all well and good, cept the damn things cost $30 bucks each (and that’s the sale price) So, until I sell enough books and junk to afford them, I will be pacing myself.

Stupidly I also stopped swilling my Red Bull night and day and after the migraines subsided (i have always been caffeine’s bitch) I started eating my way through the cupboards. Unfortunately I am also no longer typing my normal 66wpm. Which is great for my hands, but has put me very far behind in my chores.

Stuff that caught my attention:

• Wal-mart has started selling a $199 computer that runs gOS a linux based op system and relies heavily on web applications and open source software. Basically it is a Microsoft free computer

• I was looking for a mailing list application I could use for the rescue group, something even dopey me can run. I found Dada Mail which is an open source ap, you download and run on your own server. Free is always my favorite price.

• and I spent a few hours playing with Tiddlywiki’s again. They are an exceedingly innovative form of software/webpage hybrid and flexible as all get out. The initial problem with the software is that it is UNLIKE all the other kinds and you have to kinda wrap your head around it. Anyway I can’t explain it, you have to SEE it – Tiddlywiki.org will answer some questions.

• Also on my to do list is adding some new products and designs to the Bullpen’s Cafepress site. There are actually a few cool holiday gifts in there, but I will go through my hard drive and look for some more designs I haven’t used yet. And while I am flogging that, I have started offering gift wrapping for the Sicpress.com stuff. Specifically the Deluxe Eraser collection, which is apparently the most popular gift item. I am boxing them in wooden cigar boxes, makes a cool tool box.


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