herding cats

I spent the weekend trying to trap an elusive kitten…managed to catch one, and rescue another one from being trapped in a wall, but still there is another one out there. it’s very frustrating. 8)

site worth seeing • Here’s something I thought was worth a giggle – over on WikiHow someone collected up a few ideas on how to …get this….‘Stop accumulating books’ and they said that like it’s a bad thing. If it wasn’t riddled with naiveté I would have ignored it; but it is seriously silly :“Generally, if you haven’t touched the book in the last 2 years, it’s probably time for it to go!” TWO years? I have books I have touched in 40 that I am not yet ready to part with. “You’ve bought another must-have book, and the last book, the one that was waiting for you on the coffee table, has silently migrated to your bookshelf, without ever getting read. You’re a book hoarder. ” ONLY TWO unread books deep and you are already labeled a book hoarder? What color is the sky where these people live? Who wants a library full of books you already read? Besides books just accumulate by themselves no assistance required. IMHO someone isn’t labeled a book hoarder until they are finally found dead beneath a toppled tower of books with at least three decades of dust ontop.

worth reading • from Gary Lutz: The Sentence Is A Lonely Place A Lecture Delivered By The Short-Story Writer Gary Lutz To The Students Of Columbia University’s Writing Program.

just in case we forgot • Taliban blows up closed girls schools

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