herding cats

i’m really stuck on this video thing….

one of my fans …and i do have them…not you slackers but someone who reads the non-drivel i spew….asked me some questions about studying bookish things that she would rarely get to see. apparently 2 dimentional photographs aren’t enough. one needs to visualize somethings more betterer. so i suggested uploading short videos showing examples of things like foreedge paintings and special bindings. I am going to study webcams. (no you won’t see me in front of it. at least not until i am down to 1 chin) they seem to be cheap enough..the cams not the chins..the chins are free with purchase or 25 bucks in chinese food. But i need one that’s got sharp picture.
i figure i attach it to the laptop and then bring the puter to the books. shoot the books and upload the damn things to the net, then index them.

am i making any sense yet? no…this idea needs more liqour.


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