herding cats

every commit to doing a favor for someone and completely regret it the moment the words left your mouth? what i had apparently fantasized was an easy peasy errand turned out to be 3 days of stress and sleeplessness. a friend had moved to florida (why people do that i don’t know, any place that rains bugs every seven years has something wrong with it on a biblical scale) and still needed two of her cats shipped to her. they had runny noses when she had initially flown down. the cats were the easy part, it was the people who gave me agita. from the vet who dicks me around for most of the day, hoping i will stop waiting for the health certificate i had to have to ship the 1st cat – to the boyfriend who thinks ‘live cat’ means the same as ‘golf clubs’ or ‘suit case’ (no i’m not gonna let you leave a live fucking cat in a hot car all afternoon, you pinhead.) btw in order to have a cat shipped by Delta Cargo, who are the experts at that sort of thing, you HAVE to deliver it to Logan Airport in Boston between 4:30AM and 6:00AM. which for me means a 4 red bull day in order to stay up from the tuesday before (tuesday, the day I played document tag with the vet) which gave me 3 entire hours or sleep before my wednesday started and dragged me along with it regardless. thursday i —wait i don’t remember thursday –i think there was cleaning involved — oh yeah i missed the last step carrying laundry down the cellar stairs (btw fat is not the same as padding) — then comes friday where i had pick up a soft carry on carrier in one town, drive to another to ‘drop’ off the cat with the nimrod boyfriend, and drive back and forth three more times for good measure. i finally gave up the ghost, not to mention three days of work and an entire tank of very expensive gasoline, and i chucked the poor carsick cat into the linen closet – where it is sleeping happily. lucky bugger.

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