here comes another one

They are getting easier and a little faster. I have a stylebook for the series now. the covers are getting a smidgen less uniform but they will all look fine on the shelf…speaking of shelves…i am going to need display units…i’m pricing wire rack spinner units…these will fit in the ones that hold 6×9 oversized greeting cards.but not everyone carries those..and no matter where i look, it will be over 120 dollars. don’t even ask about shipping…looks like i will have to sell a LOT of books before i can afford the shelves FOR the books.
I am SO going about this backasswards..but so far it’s working for me. As soon as I have TWELVE local volumes in hand…50% methuen, 40% lawrence and 10% other…i need to sit down and rework the webpage so folks can order the damn things..i also need to make up order sheets, and brochures, and contracts so that the vendors will have something to look at. by vendors i mean the museums and library friends and whomever else wants to pile on. I will have at least 3 volumes of interest to the congregationalists up the street and i am working towards two volumes the baptists might they can carry the whole series in their support group gift tables etc…but i came up with A great idea…if a non profit wants to join as a fundraising or selling this series..they SHOULD not have to but SHOULD donate something to reprint. I came up with this the other day, when i saw a cookbook from an organization that still exists..i can do the cookbook without a legal problem but i WANT them to sell it to their people..and offer the other books as well…i think i may have something here. everyone gets a little bit of money and by adding a new title every month…and getting new material submitted…the market doesn’t get flooded too fast.

For example IF i were to only reprint 4 books..after everyone buys those four titles there is no more cashflow for the non profits, they have stagnant stock on the shelf…(which i would buy back anyway) but with 12 new titles a year…I hope i hope..there is always a little bit more money to be made. and YES i do see more titles i can reprint..i can spiral out to neighboring communities..and i still haven’t finished collecting all the small pieces into larger volumes…trust me, the material is coming into my computer faster than i can process it. so i’m good to go there.

On another front i still need to corner the guy at the coffee shop…i’m thinking he may be interested in only carrying 1 title every two weeks or something..that way his customers will see something new and i won’t use up much space in his shop.
well that’s my plan for now… i need to go type something…i wake up every morning saying i need to go type something…not this..something else.

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