here have a happy

It’s snowing again in the New England, and of course the plowman is on his own timetable. Even holed up inside my hovel, I still got played by Herself, she called me and asked me to bring her food because all she was served for brekkie was a small bowl of rice crispies and she was still very hungry….and you know for about a half hour I believed her. I called the rehab mucky mucks and asked why I was getting pleas for food, and since I wasn’t getting out today could they please toss a bone in her cage. the Mucky asked staff members and my mother outright, she actually consumed scrambled eggs, pancakes, coffee, milk AND rice crispies and apparently was still perfectly capable of jerking my chain from a great distance. Impressive. Just when you feel sorry for her, she turns around and makes you want to hit her with a brick.

On the other hand we have people that can make you smile over and over again…folks i give you the Horny French Man: God bless Youtube.

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