Hermione Granger's birthday,

1920 –
Roger Angell, American sports writer
1908 – Mika Waltari, Finnish novelist (d. 1979)
1922 – Damon Knight, American writer (d. 2002)

something to read • Jay Parini is a novelist, poet, and professor of English at Middlebury College has anand what you can read into them. via Rebecca Skloot at Critical Mass blog.

ever spend 4 hours printing and binding something and then discover that it all has to go into the recycle bin? yeah . . . sucks don’t it?

wannabee • not only does everyone with a computer want to quit their day jobs and become booksellers, but Garrison Keillor wants to be one too. He’s opening what I can only assume is a new bookshop in St Paul.

one ringy dingy • British phone books dating back to 1880 to go online making it easier for families and social historians to research the past.

batsignal • from the NYT the 86 year old Gotham Book Mart is in dutch. The building owners are trying to evict the store which is $500,000 dollars behind in it’s $51K a month rent.

over reaching • Belgian court rules Google news site is illegal.

site worth seeing • Lynne Truss , the author, of “Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation” has set up a Web site @ lynnetruss.com that is collecting funny examples of wrongly used commas and apostrophes.

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