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I can’t be trusted with money, i just can’t. I need a keeper. I spent another day on the road racking up hours and miles for the census. all day the only thought i had was that it was too fucking nice out and all i wanted was to put my jonboat in the river. I kept thinking i’d have time at the end of the day…and i probably would have. i got home and didn’t really want to go through all the fuss of getting the boat in the truck and then in the river, only to have to come in when it got dark. so i started feeling sorry for myself. I have a pretty decent payroll sheet to turn in and i do have plenty of work i can be doing instead – i have two books where the proof corrections need to be added…but i have been desperate for a new computer monitor that didn’t make me feel like i was peering down a tunnel. I spent half an hour trying to order it from staples to have it delivered to the store…and i ended up calling the store for something and then just going there and getting the last monitor in my price range. On the whole I am pleased with the high resolution widescreen….it is a lot easier to read on a monitor that has a stand and isn’t the size of a dinner plate. Now I want a new chair that has lumbar support…i know it’s always something eh?

It will be much much easier to do image manipulation and publishing layouts on this one….but truly did i really just buy it so i could watch video on the hi res screen? cause of course a new tv is on my list to replace as well..but not quite yet. I took the 2 free week test drive of Warner Archive Instant and that also streams on the Roku box, so I can watch Harryhausen’s Valley of the Gwangi from the comfort of my bed. Which sad to say is calling me and it’s not even dark out. Like I said it was a long day, my new plan is to put the boat in the morning if it’s not too cold, and try to dig out the oil drum from the river bed behind the organ hall – at least that’s my plan. I don’t think i will be too welcome knocking on doors on a Sunday morning, though I may have a little luck on Sunday afternoon, even though i don’t care…i just want the hours. I need someone to manage my money for me, i just can’t be trusted…next paycheck will probably go to something frivolous like underwear and socks.

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