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E-eggs • the term “easter eggs”, when not in context with chocolate, rabbits or guys nailed to trees, usually means some unannounced bonus feature on a DVD. But the folks who track such things go a little overboard and start looking for Easter eggs in other things, movies, tv, albums etc . . . and books. Using ‘Easter egg’ as a label for what we would call an ‘in joke’ eeggs.com has a bunch of book ‘easter eggs’ logged on their database. Worth a troll, if only for curiosity.

talking head • L.A. Times has an interview with Gore Vidalwho is remarkably still alive.

slugger • Sir V.S. Naipaul, 73, is taking some large swings at some very sacred literary cows. you go girl.

event • (AL) The director of the Spring Hill College Archives, will be interviewed on 4/6 at the Burke Memorial Library, The topic of discussion is “One Hundred and Seventy-five Years of Books” and will center on the more than 3,000 volumes in the library’s Rare Book Room.

event • (IN) David Sedaris read from his works 4/6 at Clowes Hall, Indianapolis.

fibber thanks to Forrest Proper for his report on the Emily Dickinson hoax, who knew she was such a little minx? in addition to Forrest’s bookish blogs, you should be reading his foray into political fantasy : Mulligrubbing Fudgenuts.

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bank toaster • DIY squished crab art

Madonnas of Leningrad by Debra Dean
The Big Bamboo by Tim Dorsey
Edgar Allan Poe & the Juke-Box by Elizabeth Bishop

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