hip deep in theocracy

Someone helpfully sent me an email warning me that the ACLU was trying to get all crosses removed from public property. Hey, iIf you like crosses so much put em on your own front lawn,…..and light ’em up so that the entire block can see how much you love Jesus. If you don’t have enough ‘lectric lights, you can just dowse it with kerosene, makes a toasty warm glow for you and your friends to gather round and sing some hymms. That’s the thing about the ACLU when they say are fighting for everyone’s rights they ain’t kidding. They will defend your right to put up a cross and my right not to have to look at it. Outside of cementeries, religious iconography has no place on public property. And I am not particularly pleased at the word God on the money, neither. Personally I see a deep seated belief in a divine being as a preclusion to public office. I don’t want pols who believe in God, I want ones who believe in MEN. Fatalists who think God is guiding their judgement are a danger to themselves and others. I think we should cut the ACLU some slack while we still have some civil liberties for them to protect. Here endeth the lesson.

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