hole rabbit

notetoself: don’t hire folks from craigslist, I must remember to write that 1000 times. I hired a woman from craigslist to do a little sewing, she couldn’t or wouldn’t follow the pattern or the 2 examples I had given her and quit after making one item. And has hung on to my materials for over a week. I couldn’t get an email response until I threatened to go to her workplace, and now I can’t get the emails to stop – and the best part? turns out there are two women using the same email account and one of them doesn’t sign her emails, which explains why one of them is always in gibberish – in 6 weeks of communications I never knew I was speaking to TWO people. Now one of them has decided I am ‘unstable’ her words and is holding my $100 worth of fabric hostage until I change my schedule and pick it up on Friday morning. No other time. You know on that point I agree, I am now unstable, I want my property back and really don’t care how I get it. Good god I dislike humans. I should have stuck to selling books.

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