home on the range

I found this on flickr…where else…and i want to use this as an occasion to say this is


B. A. D..

If you or anyone you know is doing this…get yours or their head examine immediately.

Just because you have hood over your stove doesn’t mean your ‘favorite’ books are safe from abuse. That is the most unclean spot in the kitchen, the heat from the stove/oven makes everything rise, heat, steam, food particles, grease etc. etc…

I am SICK sick sick of trying to rescue books that people have stored not only on the counter but near the stove. How often do you people take them down and clean them? never right? Even if you put plastic covers on them, that doesn’t protect the text block. If the only place you have to store your precious cookbooks is in the kitchen where you prepare food, then install a hinged plexiglass cover over the shelf. it will cost you less than 10 dollars and will keep you from turning a two hundred dollar collectible cookbook into a greasy doorstop.

Go now and sin no more.

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