One of the things one does to make yourself feeling better, when one is utterly broke is round up all the things in your house that you have been meaning to send back and then actually sending them back. The Maxpedition pouch with the stitching coming undone, the case for the kindle that doesn’t fit, the USB to Micro connector that doesn’t do what it was supposed to do..they all went back, granted if i were flush i wouldn’t worry so much about spending $2 to ship a $6 item back, but right now that $4 is a big deal. Sales are still flat do not only will i be pawning dvds today…but i have a really have to contemplate selling my Mamiya 645…I love that camera but i don’t need it.

Another things I one does is start fixing all the little things that are in your to be fixed pile. Shelves that needed to put up, shades that need to be rewound, I even slapped a bit of glow in the dark paint on my Kindle On/Off button which is so indistinct that sometimes i have to turn the light on to find it.  Bad practical design even if it does look cool.

Times like this I am tickled pink with my new assembled ‘hardware store’ and repair box…when i put the shelves in the closet for spare food…i added the pegboard to the door and as I clean the house I hang up everything that is just hanging around waiting to be used. You know packages of things you buy and use ONE of and have the leftover in a blisterpack. The Industrial Strength Velcro hard to find in the real world had to be ordered off ebay, so i could hanging bulletin boards on a hollow wall at the animal clinic. Since then i have been lopping little snippets off when needed. Some of my favorite things are bungees, bulldog clips, zip ties, magnets, shower curtain hooks…love my shower curtain hooks, Gasket cement, gorilla tape. things to fix other things. Same deal in the tools box, seems most of the crap i own is just to support all the other things..my apartment is one big junk drawer, taken individually things have purpose but lumped together without organization it’s scary.

Despite all my efforts to get rid of possessions, these little widgets and doohickeys escape the rule, technically it is NEW product, so it would wasteful to dump it. My decision was to keep gathering them together into clusters and jam it into a container. I worked through all the boxes of stuff for sale on the flood of the office…still have a few things to load onto ebay. But the way is clear to emptying the office cupboard, which will give me more space for more stockpile…i will of course need to make more money to feed the cupboard ..this week i didn’t even look at the sale flyers..no money takes the fun out of it.

I have 4 essential things to pay this week…or today actually..Car insurance, phone, internet and the garage. Aside from that i need to buy cat litter, and eventually products to keep selling to people. But i am gambling on a few things..like some booksales and i think i have an editing job coming in the mail with a check.  Yay.



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