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So end of the year…customers stop buying, vendors and anyone you need something from is out of the office even if they are IN the office. the post office looses the one package going to the psycho customer (true story)…. me juggling just exactly how many people i can disappoint and still get to sleep at night.  

Meanwhile i bury myself in make work and fixing things.   i cranked out a new edition of Finding Money which i think is a substantial improvement on the previous edition…i also did a digital and large print version.    I’m going to revisit that book when i have 1000 ways to find money.  Since the large print was a doddle i created a large print for the George Cross book.  still haven’t made any money from anything but i keep waddling on.  the local paper is threatening to do a writeup but I’m not holding my breath. they sold a couple of dozen of the Cross book locally, but i wont see that until January.  

One of my friends on facebook is encouraging me to finish my cookbook.  I’ve been fiddling with that for decades..its about the i fish or cut bait on that.  More when i figure out a plan.

As for the hook i just ordered from ebay….the hook has a story i swear…it starts with Franklin….i got Franklin from a trash can when he was 5 weeks and he was nearly dead…flashforward…he’s a bit on the retarded side and sometimes has accidents under the bed…


One of my new years resolutions was to figure out a way to keep him or anyone from getting under the bed. the bed was just box spring and mattress on a wheeled frame.  wracking my brain i started looking on freecycle for a new box spring …this one has seen better days…

Anyway. someone gave me this sort of sectional platform bed with drawers…actual drawers which is exciting by itself… It is a lot of solid wood, masonite and Mdf adding to the volume of crap in my room–which goes against the divesting trend; but it solved the cat under the bed problem!! on the way home with it i stopped and picked up 10 ball casters …learned my lesson about bringing in heavy shit that i can’t move….10 casters=15.90.   i dragged it in, installed the wheels broke down the bed and had the bright idea that i could get rid of the box spring…with just the mattress on top the unit moves easily and doesn’t take up much room…..then i tried SLEEPING on just the mattress….and nearly crippled myself.  so back in comes the crappy box spring..luckily i still had an old fitted sheet to staple over it.  (looks fine until they find their way inside) 

If you are keeping track…i now have this platform bed on wheels more than two feet tall…the chihuahua needs stairs to get on and the old one-eyed dog can get up but misjudges the distance down.  it was funny the first time. and of course the cats that would normally hide under the bed are joining me on top.

The hooks come in to the story about now…i had gone to two big box hardware stores and a woodworking store looking for hooks long enough to latch the two pieces into one unit so i can move it easily, which, because it is ginormous, it no longer does. Needless to say the only ones i found were the metal ones normally used on doors and gates…not something i want digging into my shins every time i change the sheets. So i resorted to the internet…my beloved internet..sure enough these latches, normally used for marine cabinets, DO exist; contrary to what the hardware store clerks were trying to tell me. Cost of two latches $12.  Cost of platform bed $27, not having to clean under the bed every day?  priceless.

I started experimenting with doing as much as i can with the tablet…the laptop is now insisting on a new power cord/ adapter and the local stores want $40 for a new one. they refuse to sell me the used one i know they have.  computers are very demanding.


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