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2014-05-04 19.44.36-2SIX  days in and i can say pretty firmly that nothing BAD has happened, not even in my deep dark imagination. I keep expecting it though. Obviously it is in my nature to imagine the other shoe dropping after extended periods of NO shoe rain. Over the last 50 plus years I have been conditioned to this sort of thing. You can’t have joy without punishment and you can eat your slice of cake as long as it is sprinkled with arsenic. Thank you catholic indoctrination.

Truth is I haven’t written much this week because i wasn’t in a constant rage…i was ACTUALLY BUSY in a good way. Once the kittens went home to their real foster parent, the foster is now begging to pay me back in kind by helping me empty the basement and fiill the dumpster…as well as the porch and shove a good bit of debris into the small garage.  I am wracking my brain to figure out how to squeeze all the shipping materials, products, bubble wrap, and detritus INTO my apartment with my furbearing roommates.  I have filled every truck and chest.    I think tonight I will slip out and drop a ridiculous amount of money on the plastic bins i hate.

monty-python-footThat was another strange thing this week..for the last 2 weeks i haven’t actually BEEN broke…well i am still broke by grownup terms. But orders trickled in nicely, i sold the bikes, the shelves, got  actually paid for my labors.   AND i caught up on the bills for the 1st time in forever.

Money comes in and hasn’t evaporated like spit on a griddle. It is still a disturbing feeling to know  that somewhere there is money dwelling in a bank account that isn’t earmarked for something. I confess I bought about 4 books this week… I had gone to the Boston Book and Paper Fair last weekend and spent nothing, not even for my ticket.   So I felt flush, and have since found some deep discounted books for my book repair collection. I get the endorphin rush of a package in the mailbox, without the buyer’s remorse of spending more than i can afford.

Monday I had a meeting with an accountant, whose name i finally pried from my broker. He’s delightfully old school, doesn’t even do email. He did my 2013 taxes on a napkin and agreed it wasn’t worth filing them for the moment…Uncle Sam owes me $1. I must be pretty pathetic – he hugged me. Since I didn’t even have THAT sword of Damocles hanging over my head I spent the last few days getting up close and personal with Quickbooks 2013 and trying to get it to integrate with my Woocommerce sales software. It’s still not working, but now i have all the products from my future shopping list ready to go online …as soon as i buy them.

2014-05-07 14.19.07And yesterdays meeting was with the Kid …i say kid, he’s probably 33, who i have hired to rework all my websites, i still haven’t even asked ‘how much’ – i really don’t care. A friend of a friend, I know it will be fair, but the amount really doesn’t matter, it needs to be done, if i am going to sculpt the life and business I want to carry me forward. I am imagining myself a stooped over crone of 80 picking orders off shelves and putting boxes out for collection…if i live so long. I am tickled to find that i now own bookrepairsupplies.com and will hang the body of the site around that, with the books off in their own little Sic corner. The supplies are what keeps the lights on, it’s the 1st thing that needs to be tended to so it can grow. I will fertilize the other fields once i have someplace to root. Gee I’m heavy with the metaphors today.

I still have one cupboard under the stairs to empty.  The last of my mother’s hoard. The only thing i know for certain that is in there is a framing of some needlework I did before I realized i had no talent for it.  There are still little bits of my mother falling out when i least expect it.  It wasn’t until I  collected all her clothespins into one basket, that i realized she had hundreds and hundreds of them. I kinda like looking at them like that – perhaps i need a large glass jar to put them in.  I think i would probably use about a dozen IF ever.



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