Hope to read from you soonest

Every few weeks I throw up …hey…a girl can dream right? and like any good or bad Craigslist ad it generates a bunch of spam that purports to be from ‘REAL’ people. Most often it is someone wanting you to send you a cashiers check etc etc etc….

But lately the ones I am getting are rather cryptic…..i mean it is BLATANTLY suspicious..the lack of articles in the grammar for one thing… but I am left wondering exactly HOW they intend to make a buck by buying my book….or pretending to by my book…i guess the mysteries of the criminal mind will keep me guessing for years.

Hi Seller,
I read your description and am highly impressed and Interested in buying your Books. I’ll be needing some Books and Magazines to Open my New Book Store and i got your advertisement on Craigslist when am searching via the Internet, so i decided to mail you.
I’ll like to have details of the Books/Magazines you posted on Craigslist, the total selling of the item to me, As I will not be able to come down to check it out and i will love to know if you have more Books/Magazines to sell out as well Co’s i will like to buy more Books/Magazines to keep in my Book Store. So kindly get back to me with the list of the Books & Magazines you have for sell and pics if you have any that you can send to me. And remove the ads off Craigslist.org as i will like to buy the items from you immediately and keep in my Book Store for whom might need them.Hope to read from you soonest.
Mrs Susan

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