Hot and Spicy Food Day*

buffalo shrimp
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* didn’t make that up.
In honor of the ice storm New England has finally been hit with, I made Buffalo Shrimp for dinner. Like everyone else I dropped everything in my life while 24 had it’s premier. Jack Bauer the Timex watch of civil service once again saves our way of life by killing everyone in his way. Gotta love him. I am also testing out the blog via Flickr account capabilities.

calendar •
1599 –The English Renaissance poet Sir Edmund Spenser died . He was a Sir not because Queen Elizabeth thought he was better than other poets (like Non-Sir William Shakespeare) but because Spenser was attending a wedding in which all the other groomsmen were knights and the Queen dubbed him on the spot for reasons of protocol. When Spenser was buried in Poets Corner in Westminster Abbey, his poet friends, including Shakespeare, gathered in the Abbey and read memorial verses that they had written about Spenser with golden pen-nibs. Then the poems and the nibs were immured (put in the niche) with Spenser.
1874 – Robert W Service is born Preston England (d1958)
1914 – Writer Maxim Gorki returns to Russia
1928 – is born in Albany. the Pulitzer Prize winner Ironweed,
1933 Susan Sontag is born
1974 – Jaws by Peter Benchley is published
1989 – Police arrest writer Vaclav Havel in Prague

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