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SO I was arranging to go up to Concord on Sunday to the Book Fair with a friend of mine and I says “where are we having lunch? cause I went Vegan a few weeks ago.” Well you would have thought I had said “I’m an Athiest” oh wait I already did that..anyhow I unleashed a torrent of warnings and reprimands about the dangers of veganism..and not for the first time, several of my friends have gone off on me like I had suddenly lost my mind. I immediately started back peddling, assuring them it was only temporary and it was part of a greater plan, and I had done all my research blah blah blah – jeeze louise. I am kinda shocked that people think that criticizing someone’s dinning habits has entered the same realm as religion and politics..oh wait…you can’t actually criticize anyone’s religion or politics anymore..have they made it illegal yet? cause you KNOW that’s coming right? obviously having an intelligent back and forth discussion on such topics is no longer allowed..everyone just jumps to Defcon One accusing you of being intolerant towards contrary belief systems…hey i’m all for live and let live, far be it for me to walk into a Star Trek convention dressed as Boba Fett, but seriously, what do you care what i put in my mouth? and yes you can take that any way you like. Not to reproach actual vegans who think that if they don’t consume their 230lbs of meat every year will somehow make it more humane for the hundreds of millions of animal slaughters going on, but if i had to live the rest of my life without lobster, brie, or chocolate milk i would be seriously unhappy. I am just trying to do a little internal housecleaning so that i can redecorate – moderation has apparently become a scarce commodity around here.

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