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weebeastie1okay so that fantasy lasted a few hours, but its over. 12 years ago when I had more stuff and i was looking into Class As would have been the time to go. but these days i have less stuff, and i don’t want to get rid of what i have left. Maybe if something else happens. But one of the reasons i was looking at the pioneer valley is to USE my bike and my boat, and visit bookshops and take part in community activities. 12 years ago i wasn’t interest in those things. things change. but scotty there is still in the garage, i never did get to use it enough for my satisfaction. something tells me i am going to have to sell it before i move, i wont have a safe place for it. and exposed trailers don’t do well in new england. ice dams eventually injure them. i will sell her, but it will hurt she was always my stop gap, when all else fails i had someplace to sleep. and just having her in the garage made me feel better.   One i buy a truck that can tow this thing i may feel differently.

Meanwhile enough sorting my stuff for sale, back to work on projects that need to be finished.  Because at the other end of the argument is that i still don’t have enough income from online to consider being mobile.  Gotta get a wiggle on that.

Starting to look at boxes… wait..there’s a reason… we had a good discussion on the Bibliophile list yesterday about the pros and cons of moving books using various boxes.

In my personal opinion:

Banana boxes: have inherent flaws…the center hole weakens the structure so the box has to be solidly packed. which means I can’t pick it up. it is also too wide for me to carry one comfortably when full. i also don’t like how it fits on the hand truck, i end up duct taping a new bottom to the hand truck.

Tomato boxes – fit on the hand truck perfectly, double walled, handles, drawnback is that it only fits 1 or two stacks of books, and
a it is too easy to put books in spine down to pack the box solidly. and you have to save for years to come up with a suitable number to move an entire collection. don’t collapse afterwards.

Banker boxes – weaker box walls, boxes have to be packed absolutely full to stack without crushing the box on the bottom. too tempting to leave the books in the boxes when you get where you are going. handles have a habit of tearing from weight after a few uses.


Beer boxes – my hands down favorite for moving yourself. most have the thickness of the banana box, with handles, wider than the tomato box and usually taller. short armed persons can carry two or three filled without arm extensions. fit nicely on the hand truck.
flatten nicely, they are becoming harder to come by, since the advent of the shoebox.

Copypaper boxes- don’t have thick walls, and once they are full are too heavy for me to pick up, and if they aren’t packed full the  corners collapse.  the larger the boxes the more they need handles.

If i sell the house, i may not screw around with recycled boxes and buy a few bales of fresh boxes and tape from Unline.  4858 is 17 1⁄4 x 11 1⁄4 x 10″and rated for  275 lb.  which is considerable.  but using all regular sized boxes for EVERYTHING, clothes, books, dishes and using the linens as paking material, is the most efficient use of space in the moving truck.   I have a friend putting away  some of a very similar size, give me 50 of those and a big ass dumpster and i can be out of here in a week.





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