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Why pray tell am i looking at houses now? this beast isn’t even LISTED yet. if i see something that’s a good deal i certainly can’t put the damn thing on layaway. Besides i also can’t get out there and SEE them. Damn there are fuck all for pictures of houses on the internet. One would have assumed that MORE pictures and videos would be better…but i really think the Estate Agents are playing a con on us. by feeding us crap pictures and nearly no information it FORCES you to contact them, you can’t shop on your own, you HAVE to ask for their assistance.  For the long distance shopper that truly bites.


Would you believe those are the best images of those two houses and the one on the left i got from the assessors database NOT the listing.  The misty one is intriguing…it’s in a small town outside of my search grid, not a place that draws me there for any reason..and too far away from the bookstore alley I am aiming at.   But it is actually as big as the house i have now…4 units, 18 bedrooms…100K!   less than half my money spent on a house, the rents …someone must be renting in that area…hopefully three units of rents would cover the maintenance of that beast.  But alas location location location…

The little one on the left isn’t all that little it’s LONG and i am thinking it’s a Fixerupper with a capital FIX.  the last time it changed hands was in 74. and I think its owned by the city.  But doesn’t it just SCREAM “crazy cat lady inside”?   If its still available when i get there i am definitely checking it out.   It’s priced ridiculously low…like pocket change low… perhaps i could start buying, fixing and flipping”? Yeah…that’s not me, I know.

The biggest drawback is that i need to get out there and define my grid pattern.  Who knows i might like to live in a place called Orange, what do i know?  And to that end I had a plan today to SIT and work on the mass mailing i need to do for  i have been planning it for weeks.  I have the  campaign all set up, i extracted about 1700 emails from all my previous customers.  I just wanted to tweak it a bit and customize it….and of course…because i had made a plan, the universe came knocking……

I got a call to do a cat rescue and collect 2 kittens and a mother cat.  The homeowner left me ON the line while her kids ran around trying to catch the kittens…i gave her a few minutes of this..of course..i knew i’d be going over, but i had to round up all my leaky smelly kittens into their cage which i was trying to clean.  So I dropped the call on purpose and went over with my traps and such.   REMEMBER WHEN I SAID NO MORE FOSTERS?  well i fucking meant it.    I was kinda surprised to find the kittens weren’t even inaccessible, they were RIGHT in a sunken window.  So i grabbed them up and set up the trap for mama all in 5 minutes, then I had to spend 30 minutes standing around talking about the inadequacies of the town of Methuen…i didn’t start the conversation. When i got back i was looking at a short but undefined amount of time to work, so i tweaked some wordpress stuff until i got the call that mama was in the cage.   I went back and grabbed up all the little unhappy fuzzys, and made a call to the rescue group, they are NOT coming in.  The runny kittens actually came in handy, because i could claim that ‘none shall pass!’  and that did the trick.

Now i am thinking, i need to change my phone number when I move.  It will become problematic when people i have helped or just people who have passed my phone number around keep calling me 80 miles away.

photo (1)Today’s chores: I managed to freecycle away a washer and dryer from the garage, there are still another set out there, but i don’t know if they work.  as soon as the house is listed, I will make a LOT of stuff go away.  I am waiting because those two machines came in via my brother.  For now i am only dumping the stuff I packratted in.    I have 13 of these blue corrugated plastic bins that i loaded on Craigslist.   Something tells me I am going to be using that a lot.   I do prefer to just toss things, so i am hoping that we can bring in a dumpster, the thought of taking many trips to the dump doesn’t thrill me.



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