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[in case you were wondering….i settled on Ajax Event Calendar which is slightly awesome…it does not extract a google calendar and present it, it is more of an internal website dedicated calendar that will allow me to link posts to calendar events. So essentially even thoughm i months away from moving to Greenfield, but the time i do, i will have the website already constructed and populated….am I a 21st century carpetbagger or WHAT? ]

tiny-house-3 Meanwhile in the real world…i have started dreaming that i was already moved out of this rathole…NO, it’s not a rat hole, it’s a perfectly respectable apartment in a great house in an okay neighborhood in a town that 46K people seem to be happy with, aside from that, I have ALWAYS wanted to live somewhere else. Always… my entire life, i never got to choose where I lived or how. Not the size or type of house or apartment, not the city nothing, it was always decided for me and I just went along. I moved here when my husband abandoned me in a house that had just been taken by the bank. for a couple of months I lived in one room in a friends house, while all my belongings were stored in the barn. That was just at the time my brother moved out of this apartment and into one of his fixeruppers in Newburyport. That was 12 years ago. Basically i have just treated this apartment like a tiny house…as the property owner I can do that….I store my bikes in the barn, my workroom is in the basement, my tools are in the garage,  my cats have run of the porch and the property..  I used to even garden but the landscapers and plow guys tend to be a little sloppy with their aim.

Regardless, I am starting to image just exactly what I want out of a house. I’m a big fan of the tiny house movement, but there’s tiny tiny as in , i sold all my stuff on ebay tiny, and then there’s tiny i don’t need a second floor and a half bathroom tiny.   I absolutely need a second bedroom that i can use as an workroom.  Right now my workroom is in the basement, which means i have to leave my apartment, walk around the building go through three doors to the room in the basement  just to fill and pack an order.   I want to store everything, have the shipping table and the computer not only in the same room, but on the same floor in the same general area.    A radical idea I know.    That will move the desk top computer and the printer and all that mess into that bedroom,  I have a tiny office which used to be a porch, it’s basically a closet with windows.  It holds a computer bench and a couple of  paperwork bookcases. ‘I’d rather thatn NOT be in the living room, thank you very much.   I’d like to move the laptop where i do a large amount of my typing into the living room along with the tv, roku box and dvd player.  I’d like to get it OUT of the bedroom, right now the bedroom doubles as my living room.

Living rooms..mine is a ballroom, i am not shitting you.  it’s basic problem is that it is 30x10x9.5  If i have my office out there it looks like crap, i know cause i tried it for a long time.   I don’t have the furniture nor the floor to ceiling curtains,  to set it up as a real living room  plus dining room, and if i did, there is no one to use it.  So its a waste of furniture…i know cause i tried it for a number of years.    I’d rather not keep trying to maintain the temperature in there from summer to winter and back again.  In the bedroom its easier to just sit in front of a fan or ontop of the space heater.

I would like a bedroom where i didn’t bump into the furniture just walking to the closet, and i’d like to not have to move a chair and table to open the closet door.  but that’s just something i’d like,  i don’t want to waste too much space where it won’t get used,  so a bed and a bookcase is all needs room for.

The kitchen is another matter, my kitchen now isn’t actually a kitchen, it’s a hallway off the ballroom, with some cabinets, the fridge door no longer hits the counter when it opens, because the large one broke and i replaced it with a smaller one.   i also had to add some extra cabinets in the hall because i had no where to store my actual food.  My pantry is actually occupying the closet in the office, which sort of works out.  If i have to take the walk to grab something i tend not to GRAZE and eat more than i need to.

Porches.   I am never gonna have a porch like the one i have now. 30 foot fully bricked with screens, though over the years i have replaced screen after screen time after time…it still needs a lot of screens replaced with pet screening but it’s pricey and i can’t reach the outside.  The smarter cat knows which screens are which and only tears holes in the old style screening.  Needless to say i WANT a screenporch on my new house. its sort of a deal breaker.  It probably won’t have one, but i am more than happy to spend 10 or 15 grand putting one on.  It is the most used room in my house,  i sit out there in the nice weather and work, i store my tools and my bike where it’s clean safe and handy.  And I can throw the cats out of the house when they annoy me.   I’d trade off many other things to get the screen porch, hell i can sleep on a futon in the living room if i have to if my porch is on the line.

Outbuildings.  I need a garage…not for the truck, but for my boat and my bikes and tools and whatnot.  That’s another deal breaker.   Unless you show me a decent cellar as a substitute.   But if i am gonna have a property…i’m gonna needs shovels, and a snowblower and a lawnmower and so forth…so storage is kinda mandatory.

I”m still fantazing about a greenhouse…though perhaps not a commercial one. I think i can build something myself from any plan using 2x4s, star with polywrap the 1st year and slowly replace the sides with glass, in the dark ages we used to buy old window casements and just build a building out of windows.  yeah its not fashionable, but it works.

I’m pretty flexible about everything else, appliances mean nothing to me, as they usually aren’t very good and need to be replaced, an efficient heating system is also a deal breaker but if it comes with a bad one, it will be cheap enough to have it replaced.  I don’t have too much fine control over my heat…hence why i owe the gas company my life…. the tenants never seem to close their storm windows and my heat goes up through the floor and heats their apartments instead of mine..hello 9 foot ceiling.   When i was a kid, i got conditioned to closing off the unused portions of the house, so you could hold up next to the heating source.  I’m a yankee, i own wool, i wear socks and sweaters to bed for crissakes.    It will be nice to have a little control over the bills for once, at least that’s what i am telling myself.

so that’s what i am looking for.  I guess i’m picky…but i have the feeling this may be my last house.  It’s about time i have one that i choose, I don’t expect it to be perfect, but i can adapt it to suit the life i want and stop settling for what i can get.




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