how dry i am

I got a dehydrator from freecycle. one of the few gadgets i have never played with.  It’s about 14 years old but the condition is great and the model is still sold for about $50.

And it is rather idiot proof, i like that in a gadget.  I had $15 dollars burning a hole in my pocket for the last few days, i sold a couple of books locally.  I spent some of it on candy for the tenants, and i spent the rest on a few apples and a tomato.

I don’t have great ambitions yet, i will start slowly..i like apple chips, so i will try dehydrating some apples. I should have gotten this sooner, the local orchard usually has an apples by the box sale in September. As it is they are a little pricey for turning into chips. But a damn sight cheaper than ACTUAL apple chips.  Apparently you can even make banana chips.

I doubt I will become one of the serious prepping fools, but there have been times in recent memory when i didn’t eat some fresh food item fast enough and it went all brown and squishy.    I think i will start cruising the bruised fruit and vegetable rack and just keep things little baby running.

The next things i have to buy are the oxygen absorbers….i found out what is ACTUALLY inside of those little packets…apparently RUST…seriously RUST, as well as salt and some vermiculite which probably has moisture all to feed the RUST grains which eats the oxygen.  Isn’t SCIENCE wonderful?

So the dried fruit and veg go into the jars along with the oxygen packets and the jars go in the closet and when i finally become homeless and am living in a cardboard box, i will have apple chips galore.



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