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tumblr_mbi2h7bh401qinrxc it was quiet…too quiet…..I should have know something wrong very wrong.    It turns out Himself actually lied straight up to my increasingly useless lawyer. He had actually been not only in talks with the local big real estate agency but already entertaining offers….. which would all be well and good in a perfect world…but he’s STUPID!!!

I am so angry today I can’t see straight, nothing but a stream of invectives have been flying from my fingers. I went down and corned one of the brokers who at first was too busy to sit down with me, but as soon as I started talking ushered me into a closed office….i warned you we need a closed office, why didn’t you listen? Where I carefully and speedily  explained that my brother was not the smartest tool in the shed…..just a tool, and could not be trusted. He is NOT authorized to do anything on my behalf and from that moment on, everything goes through the lawyer…who is presently skating on thin ice in my book. I tried warning him my brother could NOT be trusted but he was blindly going along like Himself was a normal grown up. Why the fuck don’t people listen to me when i tell them things?

I have no idea what is going to happen next.  My brother learned how to CONTROL me from my mother. Basically they make their decisions and then tell me about it after the fact leaving me to clean up the mess.   So non cooperation was my only control.  Hence they would lie to me, and forge documents and took my name off things from time to time.

I already warned my lawyer that i will not sell the house under my brother’s terms.  If i am treated as an invisible entity, i will pull up my drawn bridge and they can all go fuck themselves  (my words) if  I don’t sell no one gets a payday..not the lawyers nor the brokers.    No, I don’t get my new life…but if my 56 year old brother wants to act like he’s 12……i am down with that.  I can be 7.  I can knock over the monopoly board and slam the door to my room.    And stay there until they plead at the door for me to come back to the game.

I told the broker what i want for cash money, and i don’t even care if part of it comes from Himself’s part of the pie.  i KNOW he has profited from taking my my name off all the finances when he got Herself’s Power of Attorney…but without a lawyer with balls I can’t PROVE how much he has profited.   I know that if i let him make all the decisions I will not fare well.  I will no doubt get fucked over a barrel and end up living in a cardboard box someplace i hate.   I am already someplace i hate, i don’t need the rest of it.   So they can all kiss my shiny white ever growing ass.

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