starlingI have been sitting here trying to remember what i did all day….i know it was a lot of something because i am exhausted, my wallet and gas tank are both empty.    no no the bird rescue was yesterday….or was it monday?  i can’t remember now.   no no monday I rescued an old banged up tom cat and got him medical attention, now he is ensconced in the ARMV sanctuary.  The bird wound up at a licensed rehabilitator…around here fledlings go by the term lunchables….so where did wednesday go?   oh yeah… first think i did was give my last census check to the gas (ptoo!) company…then i did something something something that  i can’t remember…and for dinner ended up disassembling some cabinets being thrown out of a government building, loading them in the truck, toting them 20 miles away and reassembling them…did i mention it was like 88 degrees?  yah that explains why i feel like i have been hit by a bus.    I did  pack and ship the orders on my desk…well all the ones that i have all the products for….i am quickly running out of a couple and i am going to have to start scrounging for reup funds….why can’t i sell something profitable?  like illicit drugs?

I am trying very very hard NOT to schedule anything tomorrow morning…my afternoon is already gone to hauling 2 cats to vet appointments and a red cross first aid for animals course..which has been postponed twice already….IF and that’s a really big IF nothing untoward happens between now and 5 am, i am tossing the jon boat into what’s left of the water in the sanctuary.  i still haven’t gotten any decent pictures as this camera is on its last legs and the new one hasn’t arrived yet.   8(

it’s the 21st century..aren’t we supposed to have teleporters by now?

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