hungry hungry iphone: iflash

I love my iphone, seriously i didn’t think i would…or rather i was afraid i would. The more I play with it, the more things I am finding that it can do. Last month I went a little mad uploading my entire DVD collection using ICollectMovies Pro and the camera slash barcode reader function in the Iphone. Of course the camera is very sensitive, my brain said, ‘Hey, what if there was a flash for shooting documents?!?” well there was, IFlash it’s not so much a flash as a light, but you plug it in and it runs off the Iphone’s battery. No muss no fuss, one draw back is that the damn thing is so tiny, i have misplaced it three times. Now i have a small bag for all my Iphone attachments, just have to keep track of the bag. Well worth the $12.

The other draw back is that my iphone is encased in a hard shell and i needed to buy a tiny adapter so that the flash could be plugged in.

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