Hurricane Season • Day 1

I’d like to know how they decide EXACTLY precisely which day Hurricane Season starts , what makes today different from yesterday or tomorrow?

Whatever, another season is upon us, and for those who lie in the path of Mother Nature’s ire, preparedness may never be enough but it makes us feel better. I took an informal poll from a few of the Bibliophile Mailing List denizens, (this is the kind of thing we talk about when we aren’t bitching about the state of e-commerce or gossiping – just like real life,) . . . and came up with a few suggestions to either consider or ignore : Personally I am lucky and haven’t had to lay in much beyond normal : Batteries, Radio, Water, Pet food, Hurricane Lamps – and something good to read.

from Michelle @ Bookmaven, Inc:

lots of water
canned food
canned milk
can opener
battery operated radio

one big spotlight
road flares
tall rain boots
a few large tarps
duct tape

bar-b-que lighters
kerosene lamps

camping stoves
a small generator
boards for windows

long nails
big plastic tubs for valubles
weeks worth pet food
pet tranquilizers

and some extra insurance for your stock couldn’t hurt*:

Hugh Wood, Inc., which specializes in insuring stamps, coins, art, books
CIA: Collectibles Insurance Agency

(these are just a couple that were recommended…..please send in any other recommendations*)

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