I am official OFF snow

I don’t want to see one more freaking smidgen of it or it’s pal ice. It just makes working a lot more difficult.

Someone stopped me mid sentence the other day, they asked where I found the time to do all this blogging. Hee hee, I think we can all pretty much swear that I certainly don’t do as much blogging as I should. And I am certainly jealous of them that do find time to get in their daily allowance of blogging and twittering and facebook time. I spend most of my days doing things other people should be doing or doing things I don’t get paid enough to do.

Did handle many books today, but alas none of my own. I finally got over to the archives at the Lowell Cultural Center and spent a few hours sitting in dim light trying to read 100 year old scribbles. And the saddest part of that is that it is the first time in ages I have felt like I was doing my job. Sitting around fiddling with databases and websites and cataloging things doesn’t FEEL like bookselling, it just feels like goofing off on the computer.

I did manage a wolf whistle at a couple of marines in full dress, I mean that’s what young men in uniform are FOR right?


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